SABA for publishing is devoted to facilitating the discovery of original researches that enrich the body of knowledge available to the research community, through an assurance to sound ethical practices, and responsive publishing process. SABA Global accelerates the pace of research discoveries. SABA for publishing has three fully open access journals in sciences and humanities. SABA publishes manuscripts in language, linguistics, Literary Studies, Art History, Psychology, and Translation Studies, Mangamnet, accounting, computer sciences and many other fields.
SABA for publishing selects expert academic editors and peer-reviewers. These professional editors and reviewers are selected from different part of the globe. SABA attempts to empower a rigorous peer review while maintaining a high level of transparency throughout the entire publishing process.

Publishing the manuscript in our journals is free of charge.
Mission: SABA mission is to provide a viable and credible publishing experience for aspiring and prominent researchers who seek to expand the current body of scientific knowledge across diverse fields of study.