SABA provides the following services 

1) (Arabic – English and English- Arabic )Translation

SABA provides accurate and perfect translation services for your document at a reasonable price. Our translators are highly qualified; most of them have PhD degrees. 

Completion Time: On average, your copy edited paper will be returned to you in as little as 2-4 business days under our standard Copy Editing & Proofreading services. If your document exceeds 20,000 words, SABA representative will contact you regarding the time of delivering the manuscript. Regarding the fees, our representative can decide the fees of the work according to the submitted manuscript as well as the country of the clients. We make a low price for clients from low income countries, as the main purpose of the centre is to disseminate the knowledge.  

2) Standard Copy Editing and Proofreading Services 

We do the edition in form of either Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature or marked with red colour (according to the clients’ order), this allows our clients to spot the changes easily and manage the edited documents. We edit all kind of manuscripts. We have experienced professors; most of them are journal reviewers. So your manuscript will be checked in a proper manner. 

3) Academic Consultations

Our centre provides consultation on doing academic writing. It guides those who intend to do research articles and master or PhD theses.