Exploration of Social Attitudes and Summarization of Film Reviews



  • Sudipto Ghosh Department of CSE, Bangladesh University of Business and Technology
  • Md. Tabil Ahammed
  • Md. Moynul Islam
  • Sahasa Debnath
  • Md Rezaul Hasan


usefulness, data mining, positive and negative emotions, online reviews


The goal of this study was to identify the specific characteristics of internet reviews that made them useful. An online movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes, was used to gather online movie reviews. The online impact factor review methodology developed in this research makes use of data mining methods. A study found that article quality influences users' views of the effectiveness of interventions. When a reviewer has a happy mood, a strong emotional predisposition, and a high degree of review reliability, their material is more effective. Negative emotions, on the other hand, are less beneficial and weaker. Emotionally charged assessments are shown to have a greater number of reviews and tend to be more effective. The results of this study, which looked at how people evaluate online reviews, could help come up with new ways to predict economic success.


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Sudipto Ghosh, Ahammed, M. T. ., Islam, M. M. ., Debnath, S. ., & Hasan, M. R. . (2022). Exploration of Social Attitudes and Summarization of Film Reviews. Journal of Information Technology and Computing, 3(1), 17–22. https://doi.org/10.48185/jitc.v3i1.492