The English-Hausa Translations of Legal Terminology

Reflection of Legal System Evolution in Northern Nigeria



Hausa, Terminology, Translation, legal text, source text, target text



This paper analyzes the translation of legal terminology from English to Hausa, focusing on how the technical register reflects the evolution of the legal system in Northern Nigeria. The study suggests that the technical register of each profession in the lexicon serves as a historical tapestry, revealing the development narrative. Traditional vocations in Hausa exhibit limited loan words, highlighting their enduring roots in Hausa heritage. In contrast, modern professions like science and technology incorporate numerous English loan words, reflecting globalization's impact. Religious terminology in Hausa contains Arabic loan words, indicating the predominant religious influence. Notably, legal terminology in Hausa shows a unique linguistic fusion, blending indigenous terms with loan words from Arabic and English. This linguistic interplay reflects a balanced tapestry, where the three languages contribute proportionately to the legal terminology and, therefore, mirror the cultural and historical dynamics of Northern Nigeria.


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