Machine Learning Methods for Analysing the Impact of Social Media on Students Academic Performance


  • Kiran Shahzadi
  • Muhammad Shahzad Sarfraz
  • Mazhra Saqib NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research
  • Hamza Mansoor Shah


Social Networking Sites, Social Websites, Face book, Social Media, Study, result


Today Social networking is a common apporch, mostly along with youngster. The social media impact on the academic performance of students become fundamental part to determine. Social Networking Sites (SNS) for example, twitter facebook are presently an vital medium that are used to connect peoples and different  associations approximately the world  Technology is thriving quick with the passage of time, and the youngsters are trapped in this swift revolutionize. In this paper we find out in which ways social sites affects student’s academic performance and recognize the impact of social sites on our educational system. The reason at the back huge use of social networking sites. Social sites networking (SNS) have grow from being merely libertine stages for personl  use to awesome progressive structure that utilized both blend and inside and remotely for relationship and joined exertion with shafts separated stakeholders. Generally among youthful understudies, Social sites networks is an unmistakable example today In this paper by using student-por.csv and student-mat.csv dataset, we work on the classifier on  the social media impact on students academic performances. For this purposes we choose K nearest-neighbor (KNN), support vector machine (SVM) and Linear regression algorithm using python that predict slightly better and give right prediction about the student’s academic performance.  In social networking model our work has enhanced our imminent.  The results reveal that there is strong relationship between social media and student’s academic performance. This paper shows that mostly students have cell phones and also have internet availability so they use 40 mints form 4 hours daily and not give attentions to their studies, all these activities on internet effect the student’s academic performance. This study will commence with introduction and background of existing studies. After that on the basis of background there will be a research question.


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Shahzadi, K. ., Sarfraz, M. S. ., Saqib, M., & Shah, H. M. . (2020). Machine Learning Methods for Analysing the Impact of Social Media on Students Academic Performance. Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence, 1(1), 13–22.