Doctor Recommendation Chatbot: A research study

Doctor Recommendation chatbot



Healthcare is very important in our life. As the population increases, day by day the quality of communication between patients and doctors becomes less effective. So because of a load of patients in hospitals, the quality of treatment decreases day by day. So, there should be a system by which a  patient can easily communicate with a chatbot. Then the chatbot will examine the patient's problem and at last, the chatbot will recommend a specific doctor for a patient. With the help of artificial intelligence, the proposed system will be developed using natural language processing that means the chatbot first diagnoses the patient's problem then recommends a doctor for consultation. During the COVID pandemic, the trends of virtual assistance increased, and people are interacting with robots and virtual assistants. In many countries, there are robots in hospital receptionists to solve problems of people and work like humans. Chatbots make it easy to find a particular doctor by telling them problems. In this research study, there are different literature reviews included making a healthcare chatbot.


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Umar Jameel, Aqib Anwar, & Hashim Khan. (2021). Doctor Recommendation Chatbot: A research study: Doctor Recommendation chatbot. Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence, 2(1), 1–8.